Line Dances

We usually have 1 to 3 line dances taken from this list.  These videos show the versions of these line dances that we use at Dance World.  Other dancing places might use different versions of the Cowboy Cha Cha (Neon Moon) and the Samba Line Dance than the versions that we use.

Note:  If you want to watch any video in slow motion, click on the video, then click on the settings icon (gear) that appears at the bottom of the video, then click on "Playback Speed," then select either         "0.25" or "0.5".


Neon Moon Cha Cha

(Also called Stationary Cha Cha, Colorado Cha Cha, Denver Cha Cha, Texas Cha Cha, and Cowboy Cha Cha)


See the Samba Line Dance video produced by

 May I Have This Dance studio on You Tube: 

Samba Line Dance

Electric Slide

Cupid Shuffle

River Waltz

Saturday Night Fever

Cha Cha Slide